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Title: Sweet Surrender
Author: Carina Scott (
[profile] nicknrick4eva )
Fandom: CSI
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Warrick Brown/Gil Grissom
Rating: FRAO
Warnings: BDSM
Spoilers: None
Archive: Sure, just let me know where
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, please don’t sue.
Summary: Warrick surrenders everything to Gil.
Author’s Note: I’ve read several challenges in which people have requested seeing Warrick in a more submissive role in the bedroom. Here’s my answer to those challenges. Enjoy!
Word Count: 1,105


Warrick was simultaneously in heaven and hell at the moment. He’d been on edge for the last half-hour, hovering just on the precipice of orgasm, but Gil refused to let him come.
A particularly hard thrust into his body caused him to cry out, and he immediately regretted it. Gil had demanded he keep silent. It was a simple rule, and he’d managed to obey it until now. And as much as he feared his punishment, he longed for it. Maybe subconsciously he'd intended to make the noise, knowing that Gil wouldn’t hesitate to make him pay.
"You were doing so well, my love,” Gil whispered as he pulled out of his lover’s body. “But I can’t let this slip go unpunished.”
Warrick bit back a whimper at the feel of Gil’s hand on his ass, fingernail scraping gently over his hole, bringing him just a bit closer to orgasm.

The bed shifted as Gil climbed off the bed and Warrick strained to hear what Gil was doing, cursing the deceptively light step his lover had at times. He jumped at the feel of the rubber paddle over his heated flesh, but he managed to remain silent.
"Count them out, or you will regret it."
Although he'd been expecting it, he still jumped at the first painful swat of the paddle against his skin.
Gil kept his swats steady, not pausing between them to allow Warrick to catch his breath.
"....eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen!"
By this time Warrick was a quivering mass, the pain in his ass warring with the pleasant ache in his cock. He was floating high on endorphins, unable to fully focus on the words his lover was saying to him. He wanted release, needed it. And though he was tempted to break the rules once more, and beg Gil to let him come, he knew that would only result in more of this sweet torture. And while he ached to come, he refused to do so without Gil’s express permission; yet he knew that too much more of this and he wouldn’t have any say in the matter.

"So good. You did so well, my love."
Warrick felt the cold, startling touch of Gil's hands on his ass, rubbing in a soothing gel to cool his stinging ass. It was painful, but the stimulation and sensation of cold and hot only increased his arousal.
Once he was finished, Gil moved back onto the bed, spreading Warrick’s legs further apart. The warm wetness at his entrance caused Warrick to arch back, his body straining against his restraints, as his mouth opened in a silent scream of ecstasy.

Gil chuckled as he pulled back, nipping at the firm cheeks, placing small kisses up his lover’s back. Gil leaned in, turning Warrick’s head just so, taking his lips in a demanding kiss. “So responsive, my love. So open. I love seeing you like this.”

Warrick stifled a groan as Gil began to lick his ear, his lover blowing small puffs of air over the wet flesh, causing Warrick to shiver with arousal. Gil began to trail wet kisses down Warrick’s back once again, using his free hands to reach for the lube that was lying on the bed. Placing a final kiss to the small of Warrick’s back, Gil climbed off the bed, smiling when Warrick banged his head against the pillow in frustration.

Gil slowly stroked his cock as he watched Warrick undulate against the mattress, searching for sweet friction to send him over the edge. “Remember what I told you would happen if you came without permission, Ricky.” Smiling as his lover immediately froze in place, Gil climbed back onto the bed, straddling Warrick’s thighs.

Gil positioned himself at his lover’s entrance, and plunged in with one long thrust. He didn’t pause once he was fully sheathed in his lover’s heat. He continued to thrust in and out of Warrick’s body, adjusting his angle to hit Warrick’s prostate as often as possible, enjoying the silent tears that slipped from beneath the blindfold as he drove his lover closer and closer to orgasm. If he thought for a moment that the tears were from pain, he’d stop, but he knew that Warrick wouldn’t hesitate to let him know if he was in pain. It was one of the ground rules they’d both agreed on when they’d first started this.

Leaning forward, Gil turned Warrick’s face to him, taking the open mouth in a deep kiss, sucking on his lover’s tongue, reveling in the taste that was uniquely Warrick.  Pulling back, he barely managed to pant out the word ‘come’ before Warrick arched back as he was lost in the throes of his orgasm. Watching his lover let go, seeing him so open, and the feel of Rick’s muscles clamping around him all combined to send Gil into his own orgasm. And for once, he truly understood the phrase ‘little death’.

It took him a while to come back around, and when he did it was to find that his lover was fast asleep. It was a heady thing, Warrick’s trust. Knowing that Warrick felt secure enough to fall asleep, while still cuffed and blindfolded, was more telling than any combination of words ever could be.

As Gil pulled out of his lover, smiling at the small whimper of protest, he felt his heart swell with love. He’d been afraid when just a few months ago he’d introduced the idea of D/S play to his lover. He wasn’t certain his naturally dominant lover would take to being a submissive in the bedroom. And while Warrick wasn’t certain how the idea would fare once they were in the bedroom, he’d been up for trying it all the same. And surprise of all surprises, for both of them, Warrick had loved it. And Gil, of course, had enjoyed it immensely. The sex was great, but more than that, the closeness that had started out in the bedroom, the trust one needed to embark upon such a sexual encounter, had only served to enhance their relationship outside the bedroom. And not only their personal relationship, but also their professional one.

And now, months later, as he released Warrick from his bonds and cleaned them both, Gil was happy that he’d thrown caution to the wind that day and taken that chance.  Pulling the blankets up over their spent and satiated bodies, Gil pulled Warrick closer, sighing happily as Warrick easily curled into his embrace. He should have known that when it came to Warrick, listening to your heart was always the right thing to do.


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