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Title: Doppleganger
Author: Carina Scott ([ profile] nicknrick4eva )
Genre: Slash
Rating: FRAO
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer
Spoilers: None Disclaimer: I so wish I owned the lovely boys of Leverage, but alas, I do not. Author's Note: This was written in response to a prompt over at [ profile] comment_fic  by [ profile] kevlarhearts : Leverage, Alec/Eliot/doppleganger!Eliot, trying to tell them apart. It's short (as it's comment sized) but I hope it's enjoyable. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

The task was simple enough. Eliot had gone with Parker to investigate and find out info on the latest mark.

Everything was going as planned until the mark caught on. 

Unfortunately, this mark happened to be the rich kind that didn't skimp on money in trivial matters, only important ones. Like testing the product he'd created to make sure they weren't of any harm to the people that bought them. And his oversight had cost a young woman her life, and Nate's team had been asked to do whatever they could to bring the man and his company down.  

But with the mark aware of their intentions, things had gotten a lot hairier. And now they were faced with an impossible task.

Daniel Cartins, the unethical scientist, also had made great leaps in human cloning. And he'd used his unfathomable resources to make a clone of Eliot Spencer.  

And he'd done a great job. The doppelganger was so much like the real Eliot, that everyone was having a hard time telling them apart. 

“How do we know who's who?” Parker asked as she looked at the men in front of her.  

Nate had been caught off guard by the doppelganger, when the man had come investigating at the office, and he'd just managed to tie him up when the other Eliot had come running in. Unsure of which of the two was the real Eliot, Nate had quickly used Sophie's taser, which had been lying on the coffee table and incapacitated the other man as well. Now they were both tied up and the team was faced with the task of deciding who was real. 

"I don't know," replied Nate. 

"I'll do it." Hardison replied, walking over to the bound men. 

"I'll do it? What do you mean, you'll do it? Sophie asked, watching as Hardison leaned in and whispered something in Eliot #1’s ear, before moving on and doing the same to Eliot #2. 

“What are you doing?” Sophie asked, eyes wide in horror, as Hardison released the handcuffs on Eliot #2.

“This is the real Eliot.” 

“And how the hell do you know?” Nate asked. 

Hardison jerked his head, motioning for Nate to come over. They talked quietly as Parker and Sophie looked on.  

Nate walked back over, smiling slighly, casting a quick glance at the real Eliot. “It’s good to have you back.” 

“I ain’t never leave,” Eliot replied before turning and punching the doppelganger as hard as he could. Smirking at the soft crunch of bone under fist, Eliot grabbed Alec by the wrist and led him out of the conference room, calling over his shoulder, “Should be easier to tell who’s who now.” 

Sophie and Parker ignored the cries of the doppelganger, turning to Nate. “What was that all about?” 

“Yeah, how did Hardison know which Eliot was real?” Parker asked. 

“Apparently, the real Eliot gets rather… and bothered when Alec speaks Klingon. No reaction from this guy.” 

“Oh.” Sophie replied, before the full breadth of what Nate was saying dawned on her. Oh! Oh my!” 

Parker shrugged, “So, while Hardison and Eliot get busy, what are we gonna do with this guy?”  



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