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Title: Hope Blooms
Author: Carina Scott (
[profile] nicknrick4eva  )
Fandom: CSI
Genre: Slash
Rating: FRT
Pairings: Warrick/Gil
Summary: The culmination of a dream.


Standing before the open window watching the sunset over Vegas, Warrick shivered as the unexpected breeze caressed the skin of his bare shoulders and chest. Wrapping his arms around his chest for warmth, Warrick glanced back at the man sleeping in his bed.

This morning had been the culmination of so many dreams. For years, Warrick had longed to take his friendship with Gil Grissom to the next level, but he'd never dared approach the man. There were so many reasons that a relationship between them couldn't work, and Warrick had been afraid trying for more would do irreparable damage to a friendship he'd grown to treasure more than anything.

Sighing, Warrick turned away from the bed, watching as the last vestiges of sunlight faded away. For the first time in a long time, he was in doubt about where he stood. His heart was tied into everything they'd shared here today, and no matter how much he wanted to act indifferent, he couldn't. His heart was on the line here, and he knew that Gil held all the power.

He was so lost in thought that he startled at the feel of strong arms sliding around his waist. Melting into the embrace, Warrick tried to ignore the way his heart was racing.

"Those look like some pretty heavy thoughts," Gil whispered, his breath caressing Warrick's ear, causing him to shiver slightly.

"Not really, just watching the sunset." Warrick fudged the truth, but he wasn't ready to lose the magic just yet.

Gil didn't say anything; he just continued to embrace Warrick, kissing him intermittently on the neck. Warrick relished the attention, loving this rather sensual and caring side of Gil that he'd never witnessed before.

"You know, I know how everyone sees me. And for the most part they are right. I do shy away from people, hide my real emotions and all; and I'm terrible at relationships." Warrick's breath hitched at Gil's words, knowing that the inevitable was coming. "But, just because I'm bad at relationships, doesn't mean I don't desire one. As many disaster dates as I've had over the years, I'd have to either be searching for something or a sadist; and I'd hate to think I'm the latter."

Turning Warrick around so he was facing him, Gil looked up into Warrick's eyes, dropping the barriers within his own so Warrick could see the truth. "Warrick, I've been attracted to you for years, but I never acted on it because I thought you were straight. And even when I found out different, I figured there was no way that you could be interested. But after today, I figure that I have to put it all on the line. As much as I will always treasure what we've shared, no matter what happens from this point on, I would love for this to go further than one night. I'm not promising that I'll be any good at it, but I'd love to try to have a relationship with you. Whatever that entails."

There was hope blossoming in his heart, and Warrick was afraid of letting it truly take root. For as much as he had dreamed of this moment, as much as he'd longed for more, he never thought he'd actually have that possibility. But now, with his dream practically in his arms, Warrick couldn't, wouldn't, turn away.

"I care about you too Gil, and I've been attracted to you for years as well. And since you're willing, I'd love to give this a go. I'm not all that good at relationships myself, so you're not alone there. But if we promise to help each other along the way, I think we might be able to make it work."

Wrapping his arms around Warrick's neck, Gil grinned up at his lover, "I couldn't agree more."

And as the sun finally set, turning the page on yet another day, the two men kissed, opening a new chapter in their own lives.


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