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Title: The Small Things
Author: Carina Scott (
[profile] nicknrick4eva  )
Fandom: CSI
Genre: Slash
Rating: FRT-13
Pairings: Warrick/Gil
Summary: Gil notices and takes comfort in the little things.


There were few things Gil enjoyed more than the time he spent with his insects. And most of those things both began and ended with one Warrick Brown.

Be it watching old movies together on Sunday mornings, having a mini chess tournament on the rare day off together, or cooking dinner together, no matter how simple or elaborate the meal; Gil simply enjoyed being with Warrick.

But there was one thing he enjoyed above all else. And that was watching his lover sleep. More to the point, he cherished the rare moments when he was able to watch his lover fall asleep. Because, while it is a beautiful sight to see Warrick peaceful in his sleep, knowing he helped to get him there was more than words could describe.

Gil couldn't quite explain why he enjoyed it so; there were just too many reasons and none quite accurate enough. But it didn't matter, because Warrick understood. Somehow, he'd picked up on the need Gil had. And though the occasion was rare, as most of the time they all but collapsed on the bed when they arrived home, or where involved in more vigorous pursuits before drifting to sleep, Gil never had to ask for this gift.

And it was a gift, of that Gil had no doubt. On those nights, or mornings as the case more often was, Warrick would go through his usual routine in preparation for bed, as would Gil. He'd piddle around the bedroom, waiting for Gil to get into bed, and he would follow and arrange himself so that he was mostly draped over Gil, head resting over his heart. Gil would snuggle closer, arranging the blankets just so, and thread his hands through Warrick's hair.

He'd listen as Warrick's breathing evened out, smile as his lover's body relaxed completely against him, and watch as the small lines in his forehead smoothed out. It was usually then that he'd realize that he needed this. Knowing Warrick's history as he did, Gil knew this was the ultimate symbol of trust for the younger man.

A few months into their relationship, Warrick had confided in him about his uncle Darren, who had moved in a few months after Warrick's mother had passed, under the pretense of helping Grams out. Gil had feared the worst, thinking his lover had been assaulted by his uncle as a child. Warrick had assured him that he was wrong, told him that Uncle Darren had never touched him. But that was still a small comfort considering the small trace of fear that shone in Warrick's eyes as he recounted the story. Apparently Uncle Darren liked to watch. It didn't matter what he was doing, Warrick said his uncle always seemed to be watching him. And while it was uncomfortable, in his seven year old mind it had just been an odd quirk, so he'd paid it no mind. Until one night he woke to find his Uncle Darren in his room, just watching him. He'd asked his Uncle why he was in the bedroom, but he was told to go back to bed. According to Warrick, this became a nightly routine until he told his Grams about it and she kicked Darren out. But Warrick confided in Gil that since then, he'd never been able to sleep in the presence of others. Not deeply, anyhow.

So Gil knew that the level of comfort Warrick was showing him, falling asleep so deeply and easily in Gil's presence, was the ultimate assertion of trust that could be afforded to Gil, and he cherished it.

Kissing Warrick on the forehead, Gil snuggled closer to his lover, and allowed his mind to drift as sleep claimed him.


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