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Title: The Invitation
Author: Carina Scott (
[profile] nicknrick4eva )
Fandom: CSI
Genre: Slash
Rating: FRT
Pairings: Warrick/Gil
Summary: Gil takes a chance.


Gil walked into the locker room, glad to find that Warrick was alone. Taking a deep breath, he approached the younger man, clearing his throat to get Warrick's attention.

Warrick looked up from where he'd been putting on his boots, smiling when he noticed it was Grissom. "Oh, hey Gris. Don't tell me you're actually leaving on time today."

Gil smirked at the teasing; losing some of the nervousness that had overcome him. "Yes, I'm about to leave. I just wanted to speak with you for a moment before I did so."

Standing up, Warrick grabbed his jacket from his locker, before closing it. Turning his attention back to Gil, "Sure. Whatcha need?"

Resolutely pushing down on his nerves, Gil looked Warrick in the eye before answering. "Would you like to go to breakfast with me?"

This wasn't the first time that Grissom had invited Warrick to breakfast; they'd shared numerous meals over the years they'd worked together. So Gil knew that his tone, and likely the look on his face, conveyed the fact that this was more than a simple invitation from a coworker.

Warrick swallowed loudly, shock seemingly rendering him mute. The length of his pause made Gil hesitate, and he was about to withdraw his invitation and beat a hasty retreat, when Warrick finally spoke.

"I may be an idiot for asking what I would guess is pretty obvious, but I have to be certain. Are you asking me on a date, Gil?"

"Yes." Gil tried no to fidget under Warrick's intense gaze.

Grin threatening to split his face, Warrick stepped closer, taking Gil's hand in his. "I'd love to. Did you have a place in mind?"

Flushing with embarrassment, Gil shook his head, unable to meet Warrick's eyes. "I'm afraid not. I didn't plan that far ahead. I didn't think you'd say yes once you realized exactly what I was asking."

"Then you can come back to my place. I make a mean omelet."

Though arousal coursed through his blood at the thought of being in Warrick's house, Gil shook his head. "I don't think that's a good idea. I, I really like you Warrick. But I don't want to rush into anything."

Warrick leaned in, pressing a chaste kiss to Gil's lips, before stepping back to give Gil a little breathing room. "Gil, I want you; I won't deny that. But I also want this to last for more than one night. So, my only intention with my invitation is breakfast. And spending time with you, of course, away from prying eyes and ears. Nothing more."

"Oh." Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Gil smiled. "Well, in that case, sure. Your place is fine."

"Great! Uh, can you meet me in half an hour? I don't have any eggs, so I have to stop by the grocery store."

Laughing, happy that he wasn't the only one floundering at the change in their relationship, Gil nodded. "Sure. I'll see you then."

"Umm, I don't have any ants, so you might want to stop at home first."

Confused, Gil frowned. "What?"

"Ants. I thought that's what you liked on your eggs. And I don't have any, as I'm partial to salt pepper myself. So if you want them you'd have to bring them from home."

Gil didn't bother to hide his surprise. "You don't mind?" Most of his past partners had been disgusted at the idea of mixing insects and food, he didn't think Warrick would've been different. At least not in this regard.

"Nah. As long as they stay in your plate, I'm cool."

"Oh. Well, I appreciate the offer, but I'll just eat my omelet the way you make them. I'll save the ants for next time."

"Sounds good." Warrick glanced around quickly before leaning in to kiss Gil once more. "See you in a bit, Gil."

"Yeah," Gil replied intelligently, watching Warrick leave, knowing that he must have an incredibly dopey smile on his face. But he didn't care. The morning suddenly looked a whole lot brighter.


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