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Title: Taking Care of Gil
Author: Carina Scott (
[profile] nicknrick4eva )
Fandom: CSI
Genre: Slash
Rating: FRT
Pairings: Warrick/Gil
Summary: Warrick takes care of his man.


Warrick closed the door behind him, making certain not to make any noise. Toeing off his shoes, he picked them up and carried them with him down the hall. Coming to the bedroom, he glanced in to find his lover sprawled out on the bed. From the frown line furrowing Gil's brow, Warrick knew his lover wasn't having a peaceful sleep.

Placing his shoes next to the bed, he climbed on the bed and slid in behind his lover. Sitting so his back was against the headboard, Warrick moved Gil so his head was lying in the cradle of his lap.

Smoothing back the salt & pepper curls, Warrick kissed his lover on the forehead. Gil smiled faintly, but Warrick knew he was in too great pain to do much moving. But that was okay, Warrick had watched Gil as he left the lab, so he knew that the migraine was especially bad.

Placing his hands on his lover's head, Warrick began to massage Gil's scalp and temple, applying the perfect amount of pressure to relieve some of Gil's pain.

He could feel the tension in his lover's shoulders fade, and heard the soft sighs of relief that Gil let loose as Warrick continued his massage.

After almost an hour of massaging Gil's head, assured by the soft snores that his lover was feeling no pain, Warrick maneuvered them so that they were laying chest to back; safely cradled in the warmth of the blankets surrounding them. He continued the gentle massage, sacrificing a few hours of his own sleep for the pain-free hours that he could give his lover.


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